Saturday, May 5, 2012

Book on Business

Je'Vaughn Osgood
MIS 320
The book I chose to read was A Stroy of Ethics, Business, Choices, Success Tale (and a Very Large Rabbit) by Marianne M. Jennings. This book first addresses the real life financial collapses of companies like Enron, WorldCom, and Tyco that resulted in loss of shareholders and employees. The primary reason for the downfall of these companies was terrible business ethics. This inspired the fictional tale about Edgar P. Benchley and his pooka named Ari. Pookas are mythical creatures that only allow themselves to be seen by people they like. Ari (short for Aristotle), is a 6"5 rabbit that encourages Edgar to practice good morals and ethics in business.
Elise McDonough is Edgar's childhood dream girl. Drew Peters is his best friend while Steve Thomas and Heather Gardiner are Edgar's close associates. Throughout Edgar's academic career he is faced with difficult ethnic decisions. Edgar's friends, (excluding Elise) tries to persuade him to cheat on test and assignments in both high school and college, but Ari always kicked him in his side and said, "Wouldn't be honest, Wouldn't be right." As a result, Edgar had to work three times as hard to do well in academics, while his friends cruised through high school and college with little to no effort or ethics.
Upon entering the corporate world, Edgar and his friends have graduated with Business Degrees. Of course, his friends have higher GPA's because of their academic dishonesty which means better job opportunities. Edgar has only a few job offers and eventually is an unemployed graduate. Edgar resents Ari for pushing him to always do the right thing and figured it caused his slow progression in the corporate world. Edgar's friends have pity on him and give him jobs but at some point want him to make unethical choices that happen to be illegal. Ari installs an honor code in Edgar that he could not ignore and it was very appealing to Elise. Edgar quits three jobs and decides to go into business for his self. In the end, Edgar owns a multi-million dollar business named Tortoise Enterprises, a respectable, financially clean business. He also marries his dream girl Elise and his friends go bankrupt and face jail time.
The theme of this book is that "building share value and practicing sound ethics are one and the same." The author wants to convey that although doing the right thing may take more work, it's worth it in the end. She also says that if a person is to have business ethics, they must first have social morals. You dont just start flying straight after a lifetime of cheating; It's early in life that an individual has to decide the righteous path. Based on examples like Enron, its proven that in the long run you have less worry and more money. There is only one catch; you have to work twice as hard. I completely agree with the author. Edgar had Ari to remind him of what is honest and what right. Ari in this story represents the conscience of person. It ask the question, are you willing to go against what's right to get what you want.
In conclusion, my perspective looking back on the book is that I aspire to be like Edgar. Honestly, I have some of the same attributes in that I won't commit immoral and unethical business decisions to get ahead in life. There is a huge business opportunity from this book. If people in the business world realize that you have great business ethics and morals, they will invest in your company or ideas. Once people hear that you're a crook there is no turning back. Proverbs 22:1 "A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favor rather than silver and gold."

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