Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Sherry Turkle informs the connecting online with mobile devices has changed who people are and how the do things. People are texting and emailing during school, work, and board meetings. She defines this as Alone Together, which is people being in a certain place to hear what they want and still be connected to what interest them online. Another term used was the Goldilocks Effect-where the right range is established in which people want to connect or contact one another. Connection is over riding conversation in this age. Interaction and conversation development with young people are being compromised. No One is Listening is a term that Turkle used to show why so many people have Facebooks and Twitters. The machine serves as a companion and appeals to where we are most vulnerable on a relationship level.

I think that she is absolutely right concerning how the contact between people has been severed through these communication management systems. The development of conversation is now under the curve. The younger generation cant even speak plainly without using acronyms that translate in the computer language. No one pays as much attention to the people that are right in front of there face anymore. That means that things that are of the utmost importance are neglected attention and cause a decline in the production of society.

Hub City Life
I think that the CMS site was very appealing. The focus of the site is to appeal to the community and the desires they have. The site serves as a resource for activity in the area like eating and night life activities. I like that fact that it has a diverse list of things such as, printable coupons, health plans, and hybrid car links.

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