Tuesday, April 17, 2012


MIkko Hypponen: 3 Types of Online Attacks:
The first type is the online criminal that make money online. They uses hacking trojans to steal money from banks accounts while people bank online. They also use key loggers to get credit card information while people shop online. The second type is Hacktivist that protest online by illegally breaking into a computer systems for political or socially motivated purposes. The last is governments/nations that use rouge certificates to investigate their own citizens. A Star Trojan is a common tool used by the government. Fighting viruses and defending the Net are difficult to do, says Hypponen. The largest problems are security and privacy. The government makes laws, so they can violate privacy and security, while the internet criminals are extremely hard to catch because of jurisdiction and proof of foul play. I believe that it is hard to govern and prevent theses types of attacks. The people and organizations that commit theses attacks are skilled and break through fire walls. It really discourages me from shopping online.

SOPA-stands for Stop Online Piracy Act-which gives tools to owners of copyright material to take legal action on the infringement sites. It was created by the House of Representatives and the Senate has one alike called PIPA, Protection IP Act. This would allow actors to enforce punishment on the cites that may facilitate the sites that still from them. In other words, punish the middle man. Search engines, add sites, and payments sites are the ones that the infringement sites use to steal. The problem is defining what enabling and facilitating are exactly. The full proof of what sites like google, youtube, and paypal have to do with the crime is still in question. I don't think that this act should be passed because it will hurt the internet in a massive way. A large majority of the sites they are after by association, are the leading innovators in the web. If they go down, the internet will lose its worth.

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